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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by hiplicks, May 15, 2005.

  1. hiplicks

    hiplicks Guest

    Has anyone had problems with their Q10? When I install the card I get no output from the video monitor...that is I can't see anything!...when I uninstall the card the monitor works again....I'm I alone?
  2. McPhaul

    McPhaul Guest

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know alot of people have troubles with their Aardvark gear but that one is new to me. I have had a Q10 and a Direct Pro 24/96 on an XP machine for a while now and have not had any trouble.

    What driver are you using?

    What OS is it on?

    Good Luck
  3. hiplicks

    hiplicks Guest

    Hi Will,
    I'm using Win XP and the 7.04 drivers which I was told were the best drivers to use.
  4. McPhaul

    McPhaul Guest

    I'm running 7.0. I have 7.04 and 7.13 but I have so few problems I am afraid to try to change. I'll be happy to e-mail you 7.13 if you want to give it a try.

  5. hiplicks

    hiplicks Guest

    Aardvark Q10 drivers

    Hi Paul,
    Yes, that would be great. Here's my email address:


    Thanxs sooooooooooooooo much!
  6. Tomteriffic

    Tomteriffic Guest

    It may seem like the dumbest thing in the world, but try moving the card to a different PCI slot. XP almost never shares IRQ's, but that doesn't mean that motherboards don't. This is particularly true of the PCI slot right next to the video card slot.

    An even longer shot would be that your power supply hasn't got enough grunt to kick the monitor over AND run the card (since the converters, etc., etc. are run off the host machine's power).

    WHILE I'M AT IT.... I'm just getting back into recording after a couple of year hiatus. I seem to have a genius for picking up orphan interfaces, in this case, an Aardvark Q10, who disappeared while I wasn't looking.

    Could I beg, borrow or steal any XP drivers newer than 7.0 that may be around out there?
  7. denny_north

    denny_north Guest

    Drivers for Aardvark Q10

    Hello Q10 peeps.

    I bought Cubase SX (version 2), a direct pro Q10 and a shure KSM-44 eighteen months ago. Unfortunately, I've had no time to record due to working / schooling full time.

    Anyway, I bought Aardvark Q10 due to a good friend stating that that Aardvark made the best sound card for computer studio recording. I'm sorry to see there's no support now.

    If anyone has any drivers newer then 7.0 could you please email them to satcom78@adelphia.net?

    Any blues players out there?

  8. masurm73

    masurm73 Guest

    Me too???!!

    It would be awesome if some generous ladie or fella could post the latest driver somewhere as apparently Aardvark bit the dust (news to me!). I'm stuck with 6.35, and I'm having that same problem with the video....install the driver and windows boots up really slow, by the time I get to the part where you pick a user, the mouse is jumpy and after a few seconds the monitor stops receiving a signal. I doubt its my power supply because I tried unplugging the Q10 while booting and the same thing happened. Also, my power supply is something around 450 W which I think should accomodate much more. Anyway, if any of you folks feel like being helpful, I'd love a link to some newer drivers and/or a solution to my problem. Arigato!

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