Abbey Road Desk

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
77 Sunset Lane.
i actually saw this desk at a NARAS show at the Hilton on Van Ness Ave in SF in the early 90's. Dan Alexander was showing it. it's amazing how it has escaped destruction not once but twice!

they did a seminar in one of the ballrooms where Roger Nichols, John Storyk and John Meyer set up a Soundcraft Sapphire console and 2" tape machine and recorded a band live. i also got to meet and talk with Hal Blaine at the same show. they had him stuck away in a small booth in the basement. i spent about an hour talking with him. nice guy. cool stuff


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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
So nice !!

At some point the only things that will survive of this area will be the sofware emulations...

They've made some preamp and channels of the classic 610 consoles, but I wish they would do a 2 or 3 U Red 37 channel strip...
That would make small studio proud !! ;)