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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ao, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. ao

    ao Guest

    Hey all once again! I'm back with another? for the people who can help me out.

    If a person signs a publisher aggreement with BMI must a sole proprietorship be established in the country of one's residence (or is this optional)?

    Thanx again guys.- Ara
  2. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
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  3. Albert

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    I agree with David's suggestion of calling up BMI and asking them directly. You really want to set it up correctly from the start, rather than try to fix something later.

    I belong to BMI as a writer, but also collect publishing on my own music without having to join as a publisher. At some point I'll probably join as a publisher, but for the time being the current setup is working.

    David, I guess I'll answer your question from the other thread here, although it's really kind of a broad question.

    I have had generally good experiences with BMI. I've had more problems with producers not filing cue sheets at all, or giving me incorrect information than any problems with BMI. Once a cue sheet is logged into the BMI database, it's hard to go back and get changes made. And it seems to take a long time. That's why I suggested to "ao" that he do his research first and make sure he joins up with all the paperwork in order.

    It's hard to complain about a company that sends you checks a few times a year! :)

    I will say that BMI does a great job of collecting film/TV royalties. They also do a good job of collecting royalties off cable, and the cable music channels. I've also gotten internet radio airplay royalties from BMI. Broadcast radio royalties is not so good, but I don't know if that is BMI or just the system, which is heavily weighted toward the big labels.

    I've heard that ASCAP is better for songwriters, and BMI for film/TV folks. But that's just old wives tales probably, I have no idea whether that's true or not.

    If you have any more specific questions I'd be glad to try and answer them.
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    Jul 13, 2001
    Beverly Hills, CA
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    To answer your question as simply as I can I must ask a few more questions. 1- are you making a great deal of money from music and do you have music publishing related expenses? 2- Do you plan to sign other writers to your publishing company? If you are planning to deduct expenses on 1040 forms then I would say to go the extra mile and do your DBA with the City/County and go from there. My publishing company is a corporation and we do have several writers signed to it. You can contact Brooke Primont at the BMI office in NYC for more details. She's a great resource.

    Good luck.
  5. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest

    Suggestion... look into ASCAP, too.


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