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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by supercharry, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. supercharry

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    I would like to know how can I bypass a mackie 8 bus preamp. What I want is to pass the signal through an external preamp (presonus digimax 96k), then through the mixer for some EQ or slight compression but without affecting/changing the signal from the external preamp. I assume that moving the faders on the mixer will create lots of noise because it would be like using a preamp 2 times which is unnecessary, all I want to do with the signal through the mixer is add some EQ or compress then send it to Digi002r through any bus. In any other case where EQ or compression is not necessary it will go directly into the digi002r.

    could I be right on my assumption? any advice on how to do this?

    thanks a lot.
  2. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
  3. supercharry

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    what does RTFM mean?
  4. Reggie

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    Dec 20, 2004

    Just use line input will be OK. running your signal through the mackie EQ is going to affect/change your signal anyway.

  5. That's ONE way to put it.

    McCheese--I see your journey to the dark side is complete. Excellent.

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