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    Hi all!

    I didn't know which forum to post this topic in, so mods, move as you see fit, just send me a PM so I can track it back!

    I'm new here, and in fact, new to the workd of sound as pro's see it - and I'm a complete ameteur in this world! However, this is something which I want to pursue as a career - now comes the interesting part. I live in India, and the only way to make it big in sound is go to the indian film city and do sound for them - which is NOT what i want to do! So i'm considering a sound engg degree from JMC australia. Now assuming i'm done with a bachelors degree in sound fmo the said institution, and i passed with pretty good grades, worked my ass off, but after that - what are the job oppurtunities like? Since this forum is full of pros, some advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm currently clueless, and in bad need of direction!

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    Few and far between. You will have to start from the bottom, probably as a gopher.

    Because digital recording is widely available, large studios catering to musicians are not profitable.

    if you want to get HIRED doing audio most of the jobs ARE in the TV/Movie industry.

    Having a degree may or may not get you a job. It's more about your portfolio, and word of mouth.

    Get a job buy your own gear.

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    So Anaroth where are you now, 15 months later... What a long time to wait to *bump*

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