about to thrown my firepod at a wall

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mheals16, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Okay I am somewhat of a noob. I've been recording on cool edit with my soundblaster for about 6 years now. Four years ago I made the mistake of buying a lexicon core 2, which is one of the reasons I was so hesitant about jumping back into the world of digital recording. But the other day I decided enough was enough and took my hard earned money and bout a presonus firepod. I had read awesome reviews about it online and figured for the money and what you get it was a great deal. o I got home all excited set everything up the way it was oulined in the instruction manual. heard my guitar coming through the monitors from my v-amp and it sunded great. Check my levels on my mkg on line 1 and it was working, Recorded a little acoustic guitar, went to play it back and.....nothing. Here's my setup to give you a little background

    p4 3 ghz
    512mb ram
    90gig hd and 30gig hd

    fter getting hung up on twice from presonus a nice tech walked me through a bunch of settings in windows. disabled my soundblaster made sure everything was set to ultra DMA. this didn't do anything. I can't even get sound from itunes playing an mp3. My guitar comes through the monitors so my connections are fine I've checked them about 5 times. I formatted my hd installed everything clean and still nothing. this is starting to remind me of my core 2 experience and right now I just want to smash this thing into pieces. there is nothing I cuold possibly think of that is wrong with this. I've checked every connection every device setting the routing in cubase multiple times. i think the manual shipped with the firepod sucks and has no help in setting it up with cubase especially for those new to the program. its supposed to be plug and play but this just sucks. i'm finding it hard to understand why im reading all the reviews about "I just plugged it in fired up cubase and started recording". if anyone could please offer a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it because presonus hasnt helped and I highly doubt guitar center will.
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    Well, there are many resources on the web to help with soundcards, I'd first suggest you call back presonus and not let them off the hook until they resolve your problem or offer you a refund.

    Most of the time if you really demand GC to give your money back because it doesn't work or you are not getting support, and future business with them is at stake, you will get your money back within the "agreed" return policy.
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    And people who say they "just fired up Cubase" are just kind of glossing over the fact that they had to configure their VST connections (input and output), select the proper driver (Firepod ASIO or something probably), check their buffer settings, and select the proper inputs on the track they are recording. All of this stuff is kind of assumed. It should be pretty much plug-and-play, but you still have to know how your particular software interacts with it. Presonus can't put a tutorial for every bit of recording software in their manual.
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    throw it to me then!

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