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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by fraggle, Apr 10, 2002.

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  1. fraggle

    fraggle Guest

    Hey there! I am new to the boards. Looks like a bunch of great people. Now for my Question.

    Right now I own a Mackie 1202vlz, a Sure SM58, a variety of multitrackers for a daw. I own a Martin D-16gt ( no pickup ), and an Ovation Collectors 2001. I do a lot of Dave Matthews style music, and I do it all solo. What else would you reccommend I get for recording, and how would you go about recording this type of music with the equipment listed. Thanks!
  2. kent powell

    kent powell Active Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    I need clarification in order to be helpful. What are "a bunch of multitrackers for a DAW"? May we assume that you have some means of getting sound into the computer?

    If so, get a MXL603 and point it at the 12th fret of your acoustic (or over your right shoulder and down toward the guitar; hell, anywhere but the sound hole), put the 58 on your voice and run 'em both into your mixer. Take direct outs from the mixer into whatever interface you have for getting sound into the DAW, and don't forget to click "Record" in the software before you start playing. Check your levels for signal to noise ratio and set by trial and error. Mix your tracks to taste using EQ, compression and effects IF needed. Send it to Doug Sax for mastering, and don't forget to thank Snappy in your Grammy acceptance speech.
  3. fraggle

    fraggle Guest

    Hahah, will do!

    Yes, I am using a sblive for my input into my computer. I need to get a card with multiple in's but this is good for now I suppose. So I will have to track each seperatly ( guitar + vox )
  4. Destron

    Destron Active Member

    Feb 25, 2002
    Soundblaster does have multiple ins (stereo left / right). Track your voice to one and your guitar to the other. You will need a 'Y' cable to go from the stereo outs on your mixer to the 1/8" input on your soundblaster. Of course, like snappy said, you will need a second microphone (don't bother trying to use the direct out on your 2nd acoustic guitar for recording), but other than that, you're all ready to go. I recommend you try and do as much as possible before you buy too much gear and get infected with the "gear bug."
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