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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by fraggle, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. fraggle

    fraggle Guest

    Hey there! I am new to the boards. Looks like a bunch of great people. Now for my Question.

    Right now I own a Mackie 1202vlz, a Sure SM58, a variety of multitrackers for a daw. I own a Martin D-16gt ( no pickup ), and an Ovation Collectors 2001. I do a lot of Dave Matthews style music, and I do it all solo. What else would you reccommend I get for recording, and how would you go about recording this type of music with the equipment listed. Thanks!
  2. pweaver

    pweaver Guest

    Hey Fraggle,

    I suggest picking up one or two Studio Projects
    brand mics like the model C1 or C3 . . . don't let
    the price fool you. They're not kidding when they
    call these mics the $300 Neumann.

    Also, if you can possibly afford it, pick up an
    Apogee Trak 2. This will give you world class
    mic pre's and world class A to D conversion and
    top notch dithering to 16 bits when you master,
    all in one box.

    The Studio Project mics coupled with the Apogee
    Trak 2 will give you AMAZING sound. As an owner,
    I can vouch for this.

    Good luck!
  3. leelove

    leelove Guest

    Fraggle, I second Petes recommendation on the C-1 mics. Just pick one up and I am extremely pleased. Definitely worth the investment and some thing I think you will find a mic you can keep for a long time.

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