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Discussion in 'Guitars' started by alesis, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. alesis

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    Please can you someone suggest me a good small diaphragm condenser mic.

    Recently I bought a AT4040 which I use on my Taylor acoustic guitar. I want to stereo mic. I ended using the AT4040 with my SM57. The recording is not up to the mark. Maybe if I experiment a lot more with the mic placements it might help. But folks at this forum say that for acoustic guitars the SDC mics are the best.

    I am a budget musician and want to buy a SDC in the 150 - 200 price range. I zeroed down on the Audio technical AT3031 or AT3032. I intend to use one of these along with my AT404 LDC.

    What are you suggestions / comments.

  2. therecordingart

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    Jul 28, 2004
    The AT4040 should be ok. Here is the "chain" of recording an acoustic.

    Good guitarist > good instrument > good sounding room > good mic > good preamp

    Off the bat I know that your mic and your guitar are good. How are the other things listed in comparison?

    As far as a pair of SDC's your budget....Oktava. They are pretty damn good for a low price. You may have to sit down with a bunch of em and match them yourself though.

    I sold mine for some Rode NT5's and I'm sorry that I did. Next up...Josephson C42's!!!!
  3. kelly644

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    If you can find an AKG C451E, that might be the ticket.
  4. jahtao

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    you dont need a different mic, 4040'll do it if you put it in the right place, right room etc. plafcement palacement placeamanent
  5. CoyoteTrax

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    May 25, 2005
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    jahtao and TRA are right that just the 4040 should be ok. Record the guitar mono, double track it (record the part again) and pan L/R to get an amazing image.

    But if you really want to record in pairs and want an SDC to match up with your 4040 for under $200 take a serious look at an Oktava MK-012 with the cardioid or omni capsule from The Sound Room. Their Oktava's are hand picked and worth every penny and are under $200. Oktava capsules from the sound room are really sweet as are the preamp bodies. An AKG C1000 is a nice choice, the R0de NT5 is nice, the AT's you chose will surely get the job done too. Also IMHO, if you're "rebel" enough, there's not a better SDC on the market for $200 than Scott Helmke's "Alice" mic (

    Then again, you can always opt for another LDC and get yerself an AT3035 which is a very, very sweet LDC for AC guitars and would complement your 4040 nicely for under $200.

    You've got a lot of choices and that makes it fun.[/list]
  6. eldona

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    I've got 2 AT 3528, they work very well. Sure SDC works ok, more than Big Daddies for guitars. (Spanish or steel ones). The 4040should b ok., CLOSE to the 12th freet. And build an artificial stereo.
  7. StevenColbert

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    Feb 13, 2006
    I just won a KEL HM-4 on ebay for $99. I haven't used it on acoustic guitar, yet. But I don't own an acoustic guitar either. I did buy this mic with the hopes of using it as a guitar type mic. Just another suggestion
  8. alesis

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    Cardiod or omni SDC condenser


    thanks for all your input. I will look into using just the AT4040 for starters. after getting more experience on the micing techniques, will try out others.

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