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  1. Well I was not very happy with the way my vocals were recording. I thought about it and decided to do more acoustic treatment. Since my recording studio is my bedroom I was originally going to keep it to a minimum.

    I realized quickly I had to change my original plan. I treated my room with a lot of the auralex foam squares.

    As soon as I did I heard a big difference. It seems that now when I sing all the frequencies relating to my voice are stronger, clearer and more defined.

    I also heard a big difference in the quality of sound from my monitors, I used mopads too.

    Now I still have to get a better mic, the Rode nt1a is OK, but it's harsh and my voice needs all the help it can get.
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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Just one thought re: the Rode -
    Have you changed how you use it? I mean the angle and such? I've found the NT1-A to be one of the most versatile cheap mics on the planet and changing the vertical, horizontal angles or both at the same time can do wonders to the sound.
  3. I'll try that, thanks.

    Like I have said I am new to this and learn something new every time I sit in the chair in front of "the thing." That's what I call the VS 2400, "the Thing".
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    I quote BigDaddy here as a point to all of you not so experienced recordists......

    As GOOD a testimonial as we can dig up about the value and the reality of some sort of treatment to your recording area. Especially for voice.

    If you want or need to get clinical about it, a measuring mic and a tone generation device can focus the placement in a room to the benefit of the material being used.

    Much information about the nuances of this can be found in the Acoustics forum right here at RO. These boys know what they're talking about and can direct you all to the proper usage of many different types of sound control.

    Its SO worth the price of admission.


    BTW....I think you need to explore the possibilites of a LargeDiaphram Dynamic mic for your collection. Keep the Rode though. By a Heil PR40. Get it on a trial basis if you can but by all means get a chance to hear it on your voice. Moon is now a believer ......
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    The PR40 is a keeper. And I, too, rely on some room treatments to drastically reduce reflections and improve clarity of my voice (mainly spoken word). But in my case, I use these office cubicle 'divider walls' that are available in a bunch of variations. Some are simple fabric-covered panels that I can mount on 2x4 frames and move around easily. Others are much thicker, heavier beasts with metal frames. All I do is test them using the "Ethan Winer" method: I speak into the center of them. If it sounds 'dead', they go home with me. If my voice "comes back at me", they are off to the dump. The office managers who see me do this test must think that I'm nuts! (I am, but...). These panels are SO ubiquitous in the office business, it's a pain for the offices to get rid of them whenever they remodel. And the office furniture companies don't want to mess with them...they trash 'em. So check around your area, you'll find a new source of sound control ...for peanuts!
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