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    I am getting an Apogee Rosetta 2-channel converter and I have a couple of dumb questions. How do I connect this to my 002R and does this disable the converters in the digi? Is this a firewire or USB type of connection? Thank you in advance and I am still hopefully learning! :shock:
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    In to out, out to in, using whatever the Digi has.

    The Rosetta has AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSlink. No USB, no firewire.

    USE THE RIGHT CABLES - An RCA cable "looks" like a S/PDIF cable. It's not. An XLR Microphone cable "looks" like an AES/EBU. It's also not.

    The wordclock cable pretty much looks like a wordclock cable. 75ohm video grade if I'm not mistaken.
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    :D I guess you saw the unasked question as well. Thank you for the info about the cables too. Great site!
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