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    Im running an E-MU 1820 that is connected to my computer through the sound card that came with it. It uses a wide cable that is similar in appearance to a LAN network cable. I can switch the settings through its DSP software to use either ADAT or S/PDIF. It still runs through the same cable even when I switch settings but I cant really tell any difference.

    Im wondering if there is any advantages of using one over the other. I only record one track at a time with a single microphone (KSM27). What about the Khz should I stick with 44.1 or 96Khz? Im currently using 44.1Khz.
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    Stick with 44.1kHz! If you are a good engineer, it will sound good. If you are a crappy engineer it will sound crappy.

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    The "ADAT/SPDIF" toggle is likely to select if the unit's OPTICAL I/O is in a standard 2-channel SPDIF format, or the 8-Channel ADAT-Lightpipe format... If you are not using the Optical Toslink connection, this setting will not have any effect.

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