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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Brusco, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Brusco

    Brusco Guest

    Can anyone tell me about their transition from ADAT to computer?
    Can anyone recommend a good card for getting my adat tracks into the computer? I'm looking at the G5's

    Did you keep using your ADAT to record with? I would like only to use my ADAT to archive and remix my S-VHS adat tapes if possible.

    What software are you mixing with?
  2. Beatballs

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    I use an Emu 1212m($150 at G.C.) and set my software to receive an external optical signal from my blackface ADAT. It runs at 48khz/16 bit, so set the software accordingly. I find the ADAT useful when I want to record drums away from my computer or backup old tapes. Its a pretty clean transfer with not much signal degradation(at least to my ears).

    SONICA-X Guest


    RME HDSP9652.

    24 ADAT IN/OUT and ADAT sync.

    My best,

    Guy Cefalu
    Sonica Audio Labs
  4. Spy

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    Greetings Brusco,

    If you're considering a Mac, I'd suggest something from the MOTU range - 2408 for the PCI route or 828 for firewire.


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