add bass or not to add bass, that is the question...

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  1. I have a mix done by a group i recorded yesterday, and quite frankly the bass is very out of place and sounds much to low, and there is no articulation in it at all. I have two distorted guitar parts, drums, bass and clean guitar parts, and some vocals and second vocals, but this bass just doesnt sound right and everytime i raise the volume in the mix it sounds too overpowering and too low and you cant make it out except for the annoying hum in the background.

    Is there anyway to make this bass sound any better?
    EQing? Plug Ins? I use pretty much all of the waves plugins so i have something to work with, let me know.

    I really tried to record it the best way possible, but this kid in the band had probably the worst bass i have ever seen in my life, i didnt say anything to him maybe i should have.

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    How did you record the bass track, with mics? or with a D/I?
  3. recorded it with a direct box into the main board then to a digital multitrack.
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    Since I haven't heard the track it's hard to tell you what to do. However, I have mixed a few tracks with the type of problem you're describing. So a few suggestions, in no particular order:

    Try de-noising the track with DINR or something similar.

    Try radically sucking out frequencies that seem to be offensive or fighting other tracks.

    Try making the absolute best sounding bass you can, get it to work with the kick, then the rest of the drums, and re-build the mix from there.

    Re-build the bass sound as best as you can (gates, de-noise, eq, compress, sidechains, whatever) and then re-record the bass by putting it through an amp &/or cabinet and micing it.

    Re-do the bass track as a MIDI track.

    Get someone to re-do the bass part as long as there's not too much leakage from the drum track(s).

    Put your head in a large bucket of water and inhale DEEPLY!

    Good Luck!
  5. heh, thanks man ill try those, except for the bucket :)

    cya round,

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