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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jimtavegia, Mar 8, 2005.

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    I need an add-on metering bridge for referencing the send levels we use to drive the amps and stage monitors. We have four seperate sends for monitors at 1) Choir monitors, 2) Pulpit monitors, 3) Piano and Organ players, 4) Guitar and Drummer monitors.

    The mixing board in located in the balcony area of our 1100 seat sanctuary. The amps are remote turn-on from the balcony, but are located in the amp closet behind the sancutary on the main floor.

    We need a way to reference the monitor spl's of the stage montors from the mixing console. It would be great if someone made a metering bridge that was a "pass-through" device that would accept the balanced outs of the console "sends" and then allow balanced cabling to the amps. This would be basically an "Insert" device.

    "I have a dream!"

    Jim Tavegia
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    What model of board are you using? Some boards have an After Fader Listen (AFL) on the Aux sends that allows you to temporarily put their signal level on the main meters and you could get a reading from there (just like you use PFL to solo out the input channels).

    Also, do you have any EQ's or compressor/limiters between your Aux outs and the amps? Sometimes they have good metering and could tell you the level, but this only helps if they're at FOH and not in the amp closet!

    Just thinking "out loud." Give us a few more details about your equipment and maybe we can help.

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