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Adding A 2nd Display Monitor w G4/Logic 6

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by rick wilson, May 13, 2003.

  1. rick wilson

    rick wilson Guest

    I have a G4/933Mhz and 2 17" LCD displays. I plan on running Logic 6. What do I need to get the second display up and running? (Leave it to me to get a 2nd display before I even have the Logic software)
    Anyway, thanks for the info
  2. sinigual

    sinigual Guest

    Hi Rick,
    Im running two displays with logic 6.0 I'm using a Dp500 and was having trouble with my communication to my 2nd video card until I switched to jaguar. That really smoothed things out, I've got a Gforce2 and a Radion 8500 and they work just fine. Note if you get a second card get something with no less that 32 mgs on the card. OSX will the use that ram for video processing instead of the native ram
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