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    I have a mackie 802 VLZ3 8 channel mixer. It has three mic inputs, however I need to add a fourth. What do I need to do to add a fourth mic input with only three available? Thanks.
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    The 5 non-mic inputs on the 802VLZ3 don't have any gain trim controls and expect to receive line-level signals up to a maximum level of +22dBu. What would work for you is a simple analog-output pre-amp with a couple of mic channel inputs and variable gain.

    A suitable low-cost candidate for this job is the Art USB Dual Pre, if you ignore the USB section of it. It's got two channels, but not got a huge amount of gain (48dB), so would be adequate for medium/high output mics used for vocals or other reasonably loud sources. Turn the Mix control on the rear panel all the way anti-clockwise so you get just the pre-amp output. You would need a pair of TRS jack leads to go from the output of the Art to the Mackie. I suggest that you use Mackie inputs 5 and 7 as two mono channels if you want independent level and panning of the two outputs from the Art.
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    There's no way to add a xlr channel to a little mixer like that. Each xlr plugs go to electronic parts called preamp. The preamp is ajusted with the gain button, it's purpose is to preamplify the mic signal to a record level. Than the resulted signal is sent to the rest of the mixer (EQ PAN VOL, etc ...)

    One option could be explored: adding an external preamp et plug it to a stereo input or a return input. But, it depends on what you do.. if you want to add a mic to record, you could also plug the preamp directly to the audio interface of your computer or other recording unit.. Speaking of Computer, if you don't have enough inputs in your computer, you could also buy another audio interface (many of which will have better preamp than your mixer)

    Scarlett 2i4 or Scarlett 18i8

    ART Tube MP Studio Mic Preamp (the cheapest I could find ;)

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