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    Hello! I currently have a PreSonus Firestation. It's great, but... I need more inputs :-\. So, I was wondering, since I am using my Firestation on my firewire card (PCMCIA), and only using 1 port (1/2), could I also hook up let's say an M-Audio Solo to the other port and also record from both hardware. Bascally what I am saying is, can you have to devices on one card, that can both record onto a program.

    Also, I dont want to start a new thread for this. (Since I'm new to recording) I was wondering, if the preamps on the firestation are recordable. Or if the 8 TRS jacks are the only thing that can be recorded.
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    I'm far from an expert...but after researching the matter with Presonus (re: my Firepod) and RME, the answers I got were consistent....

    The problem is that each manufacturer has its own ASIO/FW interface codes, meaning a device will NOT function properly with another FW device on the same ASIO...I've been told (haven't tried it) that it WILL work with WDM mode...

    So the short answer to your first question is: no...probably won't work. Different FW protocols.

    The answer to your second: IF the Firestation pres are the same as the Firepod pres, then yes...not only are they recordable, they are actually very clean and non colored...not as pristine as a Millinea or Hardy, but very much usable nonetheless...I normally use the internal pres for strings, remote ensemble/orchestra recordings, etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! Even though you have a firepod, which I do believe does not have Yamaha's mLan... In case you do know.... Why in the mLan Patchbay program does it say it have only 8 inputs... if the pre's are also recordable. Would'nt that make it 10, since there are 8 TRS Balanced inputs in the back?
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    I reciently did some research on this very subject and what I found out is with FW you can daisy-chain 62 devices ( all can be set to master), with SCSI, you can have ten (code 0 to 9) and with USB I think it is 30. Since finding this out, I now have 5 Fire wire devices connected to my MAC G-4. One is an audio / video converter, and the other 4 are hard drives which are in removable trays that slide into my Mackie HDR. These drives trays are cheap about $20.00 and the FW dock is about $30.00. The FW dock to work with audio must have the Oxford 911 chip set. Now I am using my HDR with Tracktion, and I have a removable drive tray with a 120 gig hard drive in it and is dedicated for audio (Peak, Tracktion-2, and many plug ins)

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