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  1. Hi. In a two weeks i'm going to be buying a digi 001 system (933mhz pIII; i already have the computer) and was wondering what are some of the additional expenses that come with such a system. Likeplug-ins whatplug-inswill i need to buy? I mean i'm obviously going to need a decent reverb, eq, and compressor, but do these come bundled in with it? I'm referring to stuff that goes hand in hand with the digidesign software and hardware and not mixers, moniters, and the like. Thank you in advance.
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Real Verb comes with the 001 set up..Kind Of Loud makes some excellent plugins..Waves makes amazing plugins but still not available for Digi001 systems which is truly sad!!
    Other plugins are Bomb Factory, Native Instruments and a couple of find out what plugins are available go to digidesigns website..go to products..home studio then Plug in Win98 or ME and it gives you a list of available plugins for the 001 system..
    As you see the 001 is very limited on what plugins it can you will have no way of expanding if you want to in the future..
    Make sure the 001 is truly what you need and if you need more than what it offers you might want to look at something else..if you have any q's let us know
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    To clarify, I think D-Verb comes with the 001, not RealVerb-- and there is quite a difference between them!

    I don't find the plg-in selection for RTAS (Digi format for native CPUplug-ins that limited. There are a few which are only for TDM (LexiVerb) because they would probably kill the CPU and budget in 1 shot. Support is not as great as a major standard like VST, but considering its the newest, 3rd party support has been pretty good. Pretty much anything for MAS also has an RTAS version as well, including some very "pro"-end things-- Mic Modeler, Auto-tune, MacDSP, Bombfactory, etc. Just my opinion...


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