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Discussion in 'Microphones' started by L_Romp, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    ey, does anybody got one??? which are good which ae not??? any feedback is appreiciated.. 1
  2. bluesman714

    bluesman714 Guest

    ADK mikes

    I own the Hamburg & the Vienna. I think they sound great. They both sound smoothe as Silk through my Brick, not the least bit annoying, if you know what I mean. Both sound good on my voice & no eq has ever been necessary. They have a quality look & feel....looks do count & everyone who sees them is impressed. I bought them both on ebay from two different sources, new in the box for around $225.00 each, including shipping. I am quite satisfied with my purchase.
  3. dudge

    dudge Active Member

    I have a matched pair of ADK TL's.
    I think they are very transparent, not too bright, not too dark.
    They are real nice on drum overheads.
    Very nice on acoustic instruments and vocals, too.
    Kind of like an AKG 414TLII, but not as bright.
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    I have had a pair of upgraded A51 model V's for almost three years.They simply KILL on guitar amps.I use a set of SC1's as a stereo pair overheads in the studio and a single as overhead live on the kit...again..excellent.I'm currently auditioning vocal mics for the new album project and have had an ADK Area51 TT in for 10 days now an I'm quite impressed.I've also used a TC,a Model III(old stuff!), and have heard an A48 tube....All are very good and are a bargain for the money.They do not tend to display a hyped character throughout the frequency range as some Chinese capsuled mics do...They are almost a "dark' mic yet I find no lack of detail and clarity in them.This is true throughout the model ranges.Try em...
  5. Hitman

    Hitman Guest

    Bliesman714, how would you say the Hamburg & Vienna differ in sound?
  6. bluesman714

    bluesman714 Guest

    The Hamburg likes my big, bassier male voice a lot. Nice solid chest sound....not much proximity effect...or maby I should say that even when working VERY close the Hamburg still has all the presence & crispness in the sound. I liked it most of the two for my voice.
    The Vienna is similar, but different.......a little sharper & more air on the top end. THis thing cuts through with no trouble at all & still doesn't sound harsh. Not quite as dark as the Hamburg, although, I wouldn't necessarily describe the Hamburg as a dark mic at all. They are not fizzy hissy sounding....I can see how this would be described as "almost dark".
    Neither one of these mics sound the least bit harsh or overly silibant, yet retain IN YER FACE presence. I am extremely happy with both.
  7. Midlandmorgan

    Midlandmorgan Active Member

    Davedog said: "....a Model III(old stuff!)...."

    I've got a pair of those I just love....

    waddayamean, Old Stuff? Except for my Josephsons, they are the newest mics in the building....

  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    :D ....I KNEW that! :D ....Its amazing that the Model III's are as rare as hens teeth.I think that once they find a home thats where they stay.My Model V's have the Hemi-head board in em....They'll never leave here...
  9. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Im closing my ears here- I don't really need to buy another mic... or two... or three...
  10. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    Lord X...ya got yer K2's...Happy? Of course ya are..Hide that extra stand so when you look out there its not looking so forlorn and it needs a nice ADK LD Condenser mic sitting on it....You really should hear the Area 51 TT...Lucious.When I get a decent track, I'll send ya a CD.....Its terrible being so slutty.....
  11. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    yo good loox on the feedback fellas.... would you say the area51tt is my best bet for vocals?? lemme knoe... gracias
  12. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    n wat r ur thoughts on the TC and theTL
  13. JeffSanders

    JeffSanders Active Member

    Fairhaven, MA USA
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    I'm interested in the TC and the Hamburg.

    Can anyone tell me if the Hamburg through a nice tube pre will be in the same league as the TC? Or is the TC just plain better?
  14. composition4

    composition4 Guest

    How does the ADK ST (a51 also I think) weigh up for vocals? I just picked one up on ebay for $AUS250 which is about $US185... hope I haven't wasted my money? Good buy / bad buy?
  15. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    Philadelphia, PA/ Greenville, DE
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    give it a try, and decide for yourself.

    They're very nice mic for the money; whether or not they give you the sound you want isn't known until you try it in your own space, under your own conditions.
  16. composition4

    composition4 Guest

    I know it depends what I'm after et al (I'm a firm believer of the "if it sounds good, it is good / use your ears" party), but it was really an impulse buy (having not heard an ADK before).. just wondering if I made a bad impulse decision based on your opinion of the mic :)
  17. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    If you have formed no predisposed opinions about spending money or about what someone else who's not you,says it should sound like, then you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.
  18. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    you'd think we'd be content with what we have... :oops: but there are so... many cool mics out there- Im still lusting for a soundelux and a pair of josephsons and now you add more temptations on my path... :)

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