Adobe Acrobat Reader "bug"?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TeddyG, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Of course it's not a "bug", I just used that word to get your attention.

    What it is seems to be a "feature" of AAR? At least the newer version of AAR. There now seems to be an automatic function - listed under "processes" as "reader_ something.something"??? I forget. Anyway, not knowing it was there has given me fits on my audio drive. My audio drive has almost nothing on it, but... I want AAR on the drive, which includes OS, audio software, internet(turned off by default) and VP/firewall(Exited prior to audio operations). AAR is needed to look at instructions, etc. for lots of things.

    Anyways, while I am NOT 100% certain(Give me a month or two), it appears this "thing" was crashing my audio drive by "checking" for updates or whatever it does? Certainly, "stopping" the process seems to have stopped the crashing? I did go to the AAR preferences menu(Conveniently(?) under, what? the "File" menu??? Shouldn't it be under "tools" - I don't know. So, I "unchecked" what seemed to be the "auto updates" and it still came back the next time? Until I figure it out(Or uninstall AAR on this drive) I'll just try to remember to "stop process"(Whatever it is?) when I fire the drive up.

    If you're having problems, at least check to see if this "reader" whatever is showing, "stop process" with "task manager" and see if your problems stop, too...


  2. o2x

    o2x Active Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    Adobe eh, they like to put their preferences menu in lots of weird locations. If memory serves me right, it's in the edit menu in Photoshop :? .

    I think - although don't quote me on this - I remember reading that this process file is designed to load a portion of Reader in memory so it launches faster.

    Maybe you should hunt for an older version of Reader. (Lots of application discs have it bundled as their manuals are PDF's).

    I wouldn't worry about compatibility (unless your using Acrobat Forms) as the default for PDF creation in Acrobat 7.0 is version 5.0 and above.

    Even if you use reader 4.0 it'll still work, you'll just get a message saying the PDF was created in a newer version..blah blah...some functions may not work... blah blah.
  3. o2x

    o2x Active Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    oops double post - RO was getting funky on me last night.
  4. Mr-Nice

    Mr-Nice Guest

    Isnt this the Recording Forum Index >> Digital Audio Recording? What does Adobe Acrobat Reader have to do with DAW's? LOL
  5. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    Get the actual name of the process, and type it into Google. There are tons of websites that will tell you exactly what it does, and if/how to shut it off.
  6. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Problem may have been that there are TWO(2) AAR Update checkboxes? One, in the "Updates" menu of the AAR "preferences" folder, which may check for updates once a week or a month or something? The second in AAR's "Startup" menu, which appears to check for updates within 15 to 30 minutes of booting the machine(At which time I am generally into editing a VO as it locks-up.)?

    Thought it may have been audio software, sound or video card..?

    So far, since turning off both Reader items, no problems.

    Teddy G.

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