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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by mark4man, Oct 20, 2004.

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    You know...for a while...I've been asking for (& receiving) help on questions related to: well...basically, trying to achieve a pro sound on a (my) project studio budget.

    I've got the ear;

    So why shouldn't I begin to move up; & start to acquire some quality gear?

    How does this sound for a start?

    [2 approaches for vocals & acoustic piano]:

    A) A tube-based condenser mic (e.g., Rode K2 or NTK) with a solid-state/Xformer based preamp (e.g., Focusrite ISA 110 LE, ISA 220, UA 2108), or:
    B) A solid-state condenser mic (e.g., Rode NT1000 or NT1) with a tube-based preamp (e.g., UA 2-610)…
    [or perhaps a dynamic mic (e.g., E-V RE20)]…

    How do these (or combinations thereof) sound?
    And would anyone have other ideas along similar price & quality ranges?

    Thanks much,


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