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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Tom Payton, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. Tom Payton

    Tom Payton Guest

    Anyone familiar with this mic? Picked one up at my local Mars a while back hoping for a vocal mic. I don't have a lot to compare it to.
    I currently have: Shure BG 4.0
    MXL V63
    2 ecm 8000's
    Pearl/Ladnic Dyanamic (of questionable origin)

    Mics are used for recording my voice and Martin D-35, in simple acoustic based original music. Then I overdub bass direct-in. The V63 and an ecm8000 in combination seem to do ok on guitar. But after much experimentation the only way I can get a decent vocal sound is to: put the pop filter over the top of the V63, sing across the top of it, and point an ecm8000 at my neck. (yes, I'm serious!) The V63 seems a little dark and sibilant at the same time when used in more traditional placement for vocals. And easy to overload. Question is: Would a modest step up to perhaps a C-1 or V67 (or even an SP B-1, how come we don't hear much about those?) give me much better results or am I as well off just learning to use the V63 more effectively? Or more to the point, can the V63 be used effectively? Does it have the goods? Is it the mic or me? And also, I'm not after "color", I want it to sound like me. Just something to do a good detailed job of it.
  2. hargerst

    hargerst Active Member

    Jan 28, 2001

    I'm not familiar with the MXL V63, but Brent Casey will be on line in a few days and he can tell you how to get the best results out of it.
  3. Tom Payton

    Tom Payton Guest

    Thanks Harvey. BTW, I have been reading your posts here and at the other site, where "the big thread is" and enjoy your comments and advice. I am probably one of many of the "silent majority" who could say the same. I just don't post much 'cause I don't often have much to contribute.
  4. lefty

    lefty Guest

    Funny how you mention the V63. I recently bought the V63m from mars after comparing them in a rack of mikes . I compared it to the Neuman TLM 103, the AKG C3000B , AKG C414. I was suprise at the results . This mike sounds exactly like the TLM 103 and I do mean exactly. No mike pre's were used but can you imagine the qualiy you get for $69. After I purchased this mike I approached the salesman and asked him why they dont inform consumers of low cost items that are just as good as expensive ones . He just shrugged his shoulders .
    I then went home in Maryland , got online and research all the low cost items that are just as good as pro gear . I found the RNC compressor for $178 at Mannys in NY and drove there the next day . To my suprise it was all they said it was .
    I am now hearing about the Audix 111. They say it sounds exactly like the Neuman U87. Im now trying to find a store that has one for demo purposes it runs around $300.
    If you have problems with the V63 contact me at and i'll purchase it from you , otherwise use your EQ to adjust the frequency where it sounds pleasing to your ear .
    One last thing dude, a good mic pre can bring any mike to life
  5. themidiroom

    themidiroom Active Member

    Apr 20, 2002
    St Louis
    I have had one of these MXL V63 mics for about six months. It doesn't sound too bad. My main complaint is that it seems to lack presence. It does do well with male vocals, however. A couple weeks ago, I bought a Groove Tubes GT55 mic. Now I like this mic much more. It was a bit more expensive than the V63, but worth it in my opinion.
  6. Tom Payton

    Tom Payton Guest

    Thanks for the replies guys. I also compared the V63 against various mics up to about $300, and preferred it over all the others, using the same mixer that I have at home. But I never actually sang into it. I'm beginning to think that maybe my problem is my technique. This is my first experience using a LD condenser.
  7. lefty

    lefty Guest

    Well it could either be your room or your monitors , or just the fact that you do not have a mike pre-amp. Please try a mic pre you will get much better gain and presence . A pre can make a cheap mike sound incredible . I use the Focusrite on vocals and everyone always mentions how good the vocals sound . I use the Presonus Blue Tube and it give my Proteus sound module much more presence in the speakers. (it cost only $100) but the diffrenceis it makes a laid back signal pump
  8. Tom Payton

    Tom Payton Guest

    Yeah, thanks Lefty. Maybe I need to make another trip to music-store-land and try some pres. And I'm also finding that very minute changes in the mic's positioning can make a huge difference. A much more pronounced difference than with dynamic mics.
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