Advice for new front end ! (saffire56, 4-710, isa2, vintech273)

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    Hi guys,

    Here's my new plan :
    -Audio interface : Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (which is gone on warranty right now)
    -Premps/converters : Next buy a Universal Audio 4-710 (which have 4 preamps + 8 converters)
    -Added Preamp to the 4-710 : Focusrite ISA Two (which I already have) (2 preamps)
    -Added Preamp to the 4-710 : buy later a Vintech 273 later on (2 preamps)

    Now the 4-710 is ment to replace an octopre that I'll sell this weekend. Hopefully the 4-710 will be versatile enough for drums, accoustic guitar, bass DI and some vocals. I record all kinds of music and I think the easiness of which you can distort the 4-710 will become handy with punk projects.. + I plan to run 2 outputs of the Saffire to the line in of the 4-710 to send some tracks to be Tubified ;) Like keys, vst instruments or even masterbus to have a warmer mixdown (maybe It'll be pointless or horrible sounding but I want to try)

    Also I have a the choice of selling or keeping a Mitek AD96 as a backup AD and/or clock master.
    I'd like your opinion on that.. I'll wait to compare the converters to the 4-710 myself anyway.

    So the question : I'm I on the right track ??
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