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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by the kid, Mar 2, 2002.

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  1. the kid

    the kid Guest

    Hello gang, bit of a strange question. I have a laptop I use for audio while commuting to my "real job" (aka the one that pays the bills) -

    Long story short, I just got an upgrade and am starting with a fresh PC (w2k os). I am not sure if it is feasible, but I thought to create an extra partition and install a 2nd w2k os. I understand I can use a dual os config between w2k and win98, but not sure if I can install 2 of the same os. I thought the advantage to this was that I could have one os version (registry etc) for work, game, internet functions.. and a 2nd with non of the windows "extras" - just bare bone with a registry just for audio apps (keep it clean for no additional conflicts, etc). Does this seem like a good idea to anyone?

    Any and all advice is appreciated.
  2. jscott

    jscott Guest

    As you pointed out, this isn't exactly a new concept. But it got me to thinking, and I wonder if OPUS2000 has some input here, why not just use the inherent ability of W2k to allow different hardware profiles?

    I know this wouldn't be exactley the same as a dual boot, but it may offer something else to consider?

    I would also recommend that if you do a dual boot, consider a program like Partition Magic which has a program called Boot Magic that allows a real efficent means of controlling the dual boot issues and the loading of new operating systems to do trials like you describe, $69 and a real good investment I think.

    I'm not a laptop guy, but I also wonder if you need to consider the onboard audio/modem issues with your laptop?
  3. the kid

    the kid Guest

    thx jscott - my reason for looking for 2 separate installs of the os was for a different hardware config (as you mention) and also for the sake of having a clean registry. if the latter (clean registry) is not important, than i guess it would make sense i can keep just one w2k os on the system and create separate hardware configs (no idea how to do this, but should be able to figure it out.

    i'm going to have to play around with the hardware issue.. the laptop has an audio card in it, but for my outside audio work, i will be using the rme 9652 (which will eventually go into the desktop i am building - and yes, my laptop has a docking station that can take 2 pci cards - the other will be a matrox dual monitor card).

    i will take a look at partition magic. i've heard of it, but never it's abilities in dual os mgmt. thanks.

    opus2000 - any thought?

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