Advises needed for mix , sample for you to listen.

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by vhollund, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    Listen to "Master Extrait":

    Id say what I noticed myself :

    The vocal sounds like theres a blanket over it. The whole mix is abit like that, maybe because of a overdone use of maxxbass in the mastering of the Mix.

    Is because of the microphone ? a studioproject ( C1 I think.)
    Can I eq the voice to sound more open?
    All advise and critics well met.
  2. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    :cry: No ansvers , please ...Icant stand the silence SOMEONE !!!
    Just tell me it sucks :? :wink:
  3. i like the drum sound
  4. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    Thanks , the battery is a stretched loop from Drumtools and the fills are programmed , I putted some Waves True R Drumplate on it and compressed it a bit

    What can I do to open up the sound more especially the Lead vocals; it sounds like she is singing in a cup...
    Is it just because mic is too cheap or can i EQ myself out of it ?
  5. i would find that 300 - 400 hz lump in the vocal, and pull it back a bit, then maybe give it some air about 12 - 16 khz.

    the vocal also sounds like its sitting out all by its self in the mix, if you gave it some support with a nice reverb, and maybe a touch of delay i think it would sit better.
  6. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    Ok ill try that , actually the sound engineer boosted the vocal around that frequenzy "to add warmth like from a tube mic"
    I already boosted from 10 kz in the mIx you heard but I think are rigth about the room and the delay , Ill give it a try.
    Thanks ! :cool:
  7. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    Thought id just follow up
    I re mixed the song yesterday.
    I ended up compressing the vocal less and setting a much lower attack (0;5 instead of 5) wich opened up alot,
    I took of some harsh medium around 1200hz I think and tok off some low medium around 240.
    Then I put a short delay and a littel Reverb plate

    It gacve clarity to the voice so that I could raise the Powerchord guitars .

    We dropped the Bassmax in the "mastering" ...that helped too, we just used T-racks compressor and softclipper.
    I think the result is decent for a demoCD
    Here it is "Matins"
    UMass Lowell SRT
    Feel free to suggest!
    Thanks so far.


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