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Discussion in 'Microphones' started by vindeby, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. vindeby

    vindeby Guest

    I just bought a strange little mic on ebay, called AEG D77 stereo microphone. Does anyone know this mic and tell me how old it is and anything else worth mentioning. I search the net, but have been unable to find any information on it. :confused:
  2. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Guelph, Ontario
    I think it's one of those plastic consumer style Grundig/Telefunken jobbies from the 60's-little steel stand, usually for a portable recorder...the model number sure seems familiar...
  3. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Guelph, Ontario
    Is it like this one?

    ...this guys on crack!! $149!
  4. vindeby

    vindeby Guest

    Yeah...that's the one. Only mine came with another box.149$ :eek: this dude's insane. I got mine for 30 Euro including shipment.
    So it's from the sixties. Thanx Eric:)
    Anybody with more info on this mic?
  5. Tungstengruvsten

    Tungstengruvsten Active Member

    Guelph, Ontario
    What else do you need to know? It's a cheapo consumer grade dynamic 'stereo' mic - not like the capsules are matched or anything they are just mounted together on a swivel so you can adjust the angle between the capsules. I wouldn't plan on recording an orchestra with them....they might even be crystal mics.

    But like any cheapo mic you can overload it or send it through various pre-amps/compressors/eq's for an interesting sound.

    Hell one of my better guitar sounds I got was with a pair of headphones mounted on either side of a small national amp, plugged into a UA610 and compressed all to hell-sounded amazing! So it's up to you to find it's place and use.

    Did yours come with 1/4" or DIN plugs? you'll have to rewire the connectors maybe...
  6. vindeby

    vindeby Guest

    It came with DIN-plugs and I'm rewireing it one of these days and I'll hear what it sounds like. Like you say, maybe it sound crappy in a good way. I imagine drums might sound fun through them. Thanks... :c:
  7. mig27

    mig27 Active Member

    Berlin, Germany
    I also have a D77 at home, mine's labelled "telefunken".
    it came with 2 replacement capsules that looked really familiar: AKG D19!

    I've never seen an dissasembled D19 (and am not going to open mine), but I A/B'ed these two mics and they in deed sound very similar, though not the same.
    this could be due to the completely different housings (the bass cut-off ring of a D19 works not electronically but acousto-mechanically).

    anyway, all this is a wild guess and maybe I'm totally off.
    but the D19 also was a cheapo prosumer-mic back in the 60ies and if the D77 turns out to really feature "genuine" D19 capsules, I know of a mic that's not going to be had for $30 anymore...

    anyone with more insight?

  8. vindeby

    vindeby Guest

    That sounds interesting. I never heard a D19...gotta try to find one and make the same test. I have however rewired the D77 now. One of capsules didn't work so I opened it to fix it with one of my friends and found the date "24.june 1960" printet on the casule so it's pretty old. We got it working and it sounds pretty good in an old, strange kinda way. It gives a great John Lennon-like pianosound and as drum-ambience it's also useful but the most importent thing is, that my clients think they look great. It's a fun thing to have around and they spread a good vibe :cool:

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