Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Fredrik, Feb 22, 2001.

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  1. Fredrik

    Fredrik Guest

    Does anybody have insight in the file exchange format AES31?
    Where is it at now?
    Do you think that'll become a practical reality? Will the manufacturers embrace this format fully?
    As far as I know Sadie is the first system to announce support for this fileformat.
    Have I missed something?

    Please enlighten me!

    Best regards,
    Fredrik Lidin
  2. Hi Fredrik,

    I can't speak for the other manufacturers, but I have spoken to many of them about AES-31. Responses to AES-31 range from "Yes, it is at the top of our priority list" to "we'll do it if our customers want it" but in general I think everyone is VERY favorable towards a possible standard in the digital domain. We are certainly supporting AES-31 and hope to have it implemented this year in RADAR 24.

    Paul Dirks
    iZ Technology
  3. Fredrik

    Fredrik Guest

    Hi Paul!
    Thanks for your reply.
    It seems like a more than good thing for everybody in the recording business to have a common standard for digital audio.
    It's very comforting to hear that a product like the Radar 24 is going to support this.
    My guess is that not many customers would say: "No, I don't want or need this!"
    It would solve so many issues, and I think everybody will benefit from this.

    Best regards,
    Fredrik Lidin
  4. No doubt,

    It's about time manufacturers started working together (without giving up the secret to the RADAR sound of course ;))

    Fighting amongst ourselves helps no one. Our employee manual here at iZ says:

    "We will serve our customers with an attitude of servanthood. We will ask them what they need and provide it for them."

    That's our goal, and hopefully others will follow our lead.

    Paul Dirks
    iZ Technology
  5. JasonCrouch

    JasonCrouch Guest

    has anyone picked up David Gray's recent release entitled "White Ladder"?

    This album was done in his house with some sort of low budget interface, and one or two mics.

    Think it is something like 6x platinum worldwide - yeah, the music is great, but its also getting video-play, and I doubt anyone thinks it sounds ****ty that bad.

    On the other hand, the new Dave Matthews Band release, which I think is their first Pro Tools album, sounds like total crap for a band like that - so many things wrong, and a horrible mix.

    Thats what you get for ditching Steve Lillywhite I suppose.

    anyone hear that one yet...
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