Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by Lil_Loco, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Lil_Loco

    Lil_Loco Guest

    i have been recommended to use the AKAI MPC, and i have looked them up and they seem to be a bit on the expensive side for me (as a student) does anyone know where i can get a cheap (in working order) one or another drum machine of the same/simular specs?
    Lil Loco
  2. Spy

    Spy Guest

    Greetings LL,

    I know it's frustrating getting a question answered with another question, so apologies in advance, but what do you intend to do with it? What other equipment to you have/intend to have along side it? Do you use a computer in your set-up?

    See the thing is there are many, many alternatives to the MPC (range) depending upon the answers to the above questions. Someone, somewhere will always spout on about the MPC being the bedrock of Hip Hop and how it was de rigeur in the old days, etc. But what often gets overlooked is that back then there wasn't a lot of competition for the old Akai samplers and MPC's.

    I'd suggest you think about what you want to achieve and how you want/like to work and then get the tools that fit your paradigm and not somebody else's.

  3. Lil_Loco

    Lil_Loco Guest

    well mainly i want to make my on beats and to get singers and rappers to preform over them.
    and every time i seem to ask what are the beast tools to use as i do all of my production on a laptop. they seem to give me other things like try this.
    i know i need an external sound card aswell, other wise i wont get far.
    i think what i really need it alot of advice as i have only just starting using the proper tools.
    if u have any more advice to give i would be most gratful.
  4. Spy

    Spy Guest

    Okay, I'd suggest giving this site a good read first. Then try out the software you already have and if you've still got questions after that, come back and try to be as specific as you can.
  5. chrispick

    chrispick Guest

    You could comb through eBay for used units. If prices are prohibitive, check out used drum machines made by Roland and Alesis. The Roland 808 was the staple of old-school hip hop and has made comeback thanks to producers like Jermaine Dupri.

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