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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by BigTrey, May 4, 2006.

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    Hey all, I just purchased the AKG 200 Perception mic to add to my closet, and was wondering if anyone has used this mic and what they thought of it. I know that it isn't the most expensive type of mic or probably the best to use in the studio, but due to budget constraints, I went with this microphone. We haven't had the opportunity to really use this mic in the production process, we have been using the MXL 990, thus far which has proven to be a good mic for us so far. But I wanted to be able to have a different mic on hand just incase the MXL didn't do justice for the particular vocal of the artist, which we have found is the case for some. Because of our small studio set-up we thought that the AKG would be a good addition for right now. Based on AKG's legendary history, I think that this is a good addition to our studio for our needs, we basically just use it for vocals, since I haven't gotten into using it for instrument or live recording as of yet. Please give me some insight on this mic, and what your thoughts are about it. I would like to see other people's responses, to decide on whether or not I have made a good purchase and addition to my mic closet. Thanks in advance.

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    I know someone who bought one & he's gonna review it sometime soon.
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    Any words yet?

    I'm kinda considering it and the local retailer is singing its praises to me.

    This or a used AT3035.
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    Feb 23, 2005
    There are so many makes and models of low-priced mics out there, it can be a real ordeal to choose, can't it? And while AKG has made some of the very finest mics around, their cheaper stuff has largely been mediocre. The C1000, the C3000B, and the SolidTube, for example, have all been disappointing to me after purchasing them. When compared to other makes/models ( Rode NT, Shure KSM, and all sorts of A-T models), the AKG 's just couldn't compare. Too harsh, sibilant, and easy to damage. And the Perception Series is their "budget" line. Hmmm...you might take a very hard look at A-T. The AT4040 or the coveted AT4033 are a much better bargain and better quality, to boot. With the exception of a single 4033 that I sold to get my first AT4047, I've kept EVERY A-T mic that I've bought. They work and hold up very well...Good luck!
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    Great advice and wisdom imparted MB!

    I concur 100%


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