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AKG C 391 B vs. Peluso CEMC6

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mikecornett, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. mikecornett

    mikecornett Guest

    Are any of you experience with either the AKG C 391 B setup, or the Peluso CEMC6 mic? How would you say they compare?

    One of my favorite recording drummers uses the AKG C 391 B setup for his hi-hats, and I am in the market for a mic I can use both on hats and acoustic guitars.

    Does the AKG have more of a colored sound than the Peluso's? I've been reading that the Peluso's don't necessarily sound like their namesake Shoeps counterpart, which might end up being a better thing in this situation.
  2. Mike,
    I have a pair of c391-b"s that I use on drum overheads and I have used them on acoustic guitar many times. Personally I like them very much. I have not used the peluso so I can't comment on differences. One thing about the c391 I have found many times is when you first solo the instrument you may not be all that impressed with the sound but come mix time that sound always seem's to fit perfectly in the mix. Not sure why that is :) This seems especially true when let's say your trying to get an acoustic to sit nice with an electric. In use as drum overheads cymbals sound nice with nothing exagerated. My 391's have the stock cardoid capsules but I know there are omni's and hyper-cardoid's available too. Good Luck. Dave
  3. mikecornett

    mikecornett Guest

    Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it! Looks like they are quite flexible...

    I know that some mics are better suited for finger picked acoustic, rather than strummed, etc... Would you say this has applied with your use of the AKG's on acoustic guitar at all? Or do you just EQ out the difference?

    Often times strummed acoustics come out brighter than say a finger picked guitar...naturally w/ the pads of the fingers being softer in tone than a sharp plectrum. In this case, I know a lot of LD Condensers can be a little too bright, and I'd assume SD condensers as well. Ribbons seem to work wonderfully in that situation, among others.

    What's your take on the issue?
  4. Mike,
    Most of the acoustic guitar tracks that come to mind have been the strummed variety. Usually posistioning the mic where the neck meets the body seems to work well and I think sometimes I may have the low freq roll-off switched in on the mic. Obviously much depends on the guitar and player. I don't remember having to use much eq if at all. My experiences with finger picked acoustic seem to be mostly of the single instrument variety(no other guitars fighting for mix real estate :)) In those cases I'll still use the 391 in about the same place and usually add say a 414 a little further back off the body near the bridge. Pan them a bit to create a wider sound. Here also I don't usually need much eq, move the mics, find the sweet spots, typical stuff. I haven't tried a ribbon on acoustic guitar. I picked up a Beyer M160 recently and so far have used it on horns and electric guitar with nice results. I'll have to give it a try on acoustic guitar. Getting back to your question I think the 391 gives me a nice jangly sound on strumming without being too bright and yet still sounds good on finger picking. Hope this helps :) Regards, Dave

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