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  1. diz

    diz Guest

    I am looking for a mic that will work really good on male pop/soul vocals and also be versatile enough to use on acoustic guitars and other miscellaneous instruments that will get a great sound for around $1000. Right now I am trying to decide between the AKG C414 II and the BLUE BLUEBERRY. Which of those two do you think would work best or if you have another recommendation let me know. Thanks.
  2. trid

    trid Guest

    i haven't used the blueberry but you can't go wrong with the c414 it's definitely an industry standard. i don't think you'll find many "pro" studios that don't have a couple. i haven't personally used it on vocals i usually them for room mics or for acoustic instruments. i'm sure you'd be happy with it though and if you eventually find something you like better for vocals you'll still get a lot of use out of that mic on other stuff. you should definitely try to try one out before you buy though. they are very flat and transparent which is why alot of people like them on acoustic stuff. sometimes for vocals though, you may want something with a little character.
  3. ianb79

    ianb79 Guest

    i have a 414...it is a versatile, bomb-proof mic that i bought off a mate several years ago...i use it on drum o-heads and acoustic guitar but man, it's not a soulful mic at all!...it is an ACCURATE mic - i'll say that - not particularly forgiving...if you are wanting soul vox then maybe think about a valve mic (rode k2 etc)...nice and silky and warm and infinitely variable polar pattern - a very accomplished mic! a friend of mine has a blue dragonfly and it KILLS my 414 on vox...but a bit more dosh.
  4. Sorry, that offends me. I believe every instrument is as important as the other as long as it contributes to the song.

    Anyway, from my experience, you will get the most versatility out of the C414.
  5. PCM

    PCM Guest

    I've owned both...still own the blueberry. sold the 414. both great mics...but blueberry KILLS the 414 on vocal texture. 414 is dry and small sounding on vox. 414 sounds great on electric guitar amps though (small jazz combos). 414 more versatile but IMO on vox blueberry much better mic for the $$$. sounds great on "pop" type vocals- silky...great high end but not harsh. on really whispy female vox have to use desser a bit though.

    All in all great mic...
  6. dynomike

    dynomike Guest

    I disagree, this is silly. If you have say a pop song with

    Drum Kit
    Acoustic Guitar
    Lead guitar
    Background vocals

    I'm willing to bet you can drop the tamb/keys/bgv's in 90% of the cases without the song totally falling apart. Bass? Probably not. Drum kit? Probably not. Lead vocal? Obviously not.

    Do you spend as long recording your maraca parts as you do the lead vocal? Seriously?
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