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AKG c418? for toms

Discussion in 'Drums' started by Orgy, Nov 25, 2003.

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  1. Orgy

    Orgy Guest

    are these mics good enaugh? I know that MD421 are much more better. but I need something cheaper and hypercardioid coz I don't wanna have bleeding problems. Separation is important for me coz i wanna use comressor etc....these mics are in AKG BIG mic drumset. I like everithing in this drumset (2x C1000, D112) but I'm not shure if the c418 are good choice for me (wanna record mostly numetal, HC and punkrock).
    many thanx
  2. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    It's actually quite easy to get a good sound with them. They don't sound like a 421, but they are condensers so they do cut through nicely. You get good separation with them since they're very close to the drumhead by design. I've even used them as overheads and to record a piano and gotten surprisingly good results.

    Mine are actually C408's, which were the predecessors to the C418's, but I'd assume that the C418's will be as good or better.

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