Alan Parsons Imperial Grand Piano Library

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    From IK Multimedia, for their Sample-Tank 3 program ( which is free)

    These are some of the finest "classic-sounding" grand piano samples I've ever heard.

    $79 U.S.

    Demos are located about 3/4 down the page, on the left.

    also, on Soundcloud:

    from IK:

    Alan Parsons Imperial Grand is a new instrument library for SampleTank 3 that puts the authentic acoustic sound of a premier grand piano at your fingertips. It provides over a gigabyte of content with over 650 stereo samples covering 8 velocities per note.

    The library was recorded by legendary producer-engineer Alan Parsons, known for his timeless work with Pink Floyd, the Beatles and of course The Alan Parsons Project. IK US founder and executive producer, Dave Kerzner, teamed up with Alan to sample a spectacular Bösendorfer® Model 290 grand piano at Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios in London.

    To capture the essence of this dynamic instrument, Alan used AKG® C12 and Neumann® U67 valve microphones running through a classic EMI console that's similar to the one he used while working with The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
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