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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by blur, Jan 7, 2007.

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    I'd like to get some opinions for the audio interface IO|14 from Alesis (
    I'm interested on doing some multitrack recording with like 4 inputs. What's your opinion on this audio interface or at least your opinion on Alesis products for this segment.

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    I've been seriously considering purchasing this product as well. Has anyone used one of these, or does anyone know of any reviews on these? I've searched the internet high and low and haven't found much.
  3. Note: while Alesis claims the io|14 is very similar to the io|26 with the exception of a few features, keep in mind my experience is with the latter.

    I bought my io|26 on a whim since so little material was available on it and I'm mostly pleased with it: the preamps sound good to my ears--definitely on the "truthful" (versus the "colored/with-personality") side of the continuum, but they're not anemic. It's my guess this is principally thanks to the the converters, which are the same as found in the Alesis HD24 recorders. The level LEDs are surprisingly functional and the '26 offers 4 pairs of outputs in addition to the 2 headphone outs. So far it's been a pretty stout, straight-forward interface for the money.

    The largest boon I've found, Blur, is how resources-heavy mine is. If you plan to use the io as your computer's primary sound card be sure your system is at least to Alesis' suggested specs.
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    I am in the same boat as you guys... I have been searching everywhere for info on these things. But the truth is, they are brand new and only a few people even have them. Coupled with the mastercontrol, it looks like these things might be a low-budget power house. I can't wait until i get one.

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