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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by leSHok, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Okay I am looking for a mixer that obviously gets plugged into the computer via firewire and this looks fine and all and it is a decent price so I ask...

    What kind of inputs are used on this device? Nvm... i see how it is XLR now...

    Also, what is ADAT? Another type of hookup for more tracks?

    I am sort of starting out with recording I bought a fostex 16 track but I want to try hooking up directly to the computer to edit all of the tracks.

  2. I own an Alesis i/o26. It's neither a mixer nor a standalone recorder. It's an interface that allows hardware from the unit to record audio directly onto a computer.

    It has 8 XLR/TRS "combo" connectors (2 having switches for running guitars straight into the unit). ADAT lightpipe is a method whereby you can expand your recording capabilities by connecting other units.

    If all you're wanting is to edit tracks that are already on your computer, a quality standalone soundcard is a much cheaper investment than this unit. It's also potentially more stable. My Alesis has been pretty buggy and Alesis customer service has been none too helpful in helping me with issues, nor with actual repair of the unit.
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    how would i hook up through the soundcard all of the XLR ports and stuff? through another mixer?

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