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  1. Hello,
    I'm quite the newbie so please refrain from aimless insults. I'm aware of how clueless I am and humbly ask for help.
    I've got Audition 3.0 and recently got an Alesis MultiMix 8 firewire mixer. Hoping to get separate tracks recording the separate inputs on the mixer. I'm having trouble doing two things:
    1) getting audition to record two separate tracks (seems to only be accepting the feed from my mic in input 1 and not my guitar in input 2)
    2) getting audition to let me Input audio via the alesis mixer and Output audio through my PCs speakers. (it looks like it wants to change my sound either all over to the Mixer or only on my PC's card. no mix and match... when i had an M-audio interface I was able to input it through that and have the output be my pc speakers coming directly from my PC and not through the interface)
    I appreciate any advice!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I believe the problem that you are experiencing is due to different types of audio driver implementations? Some use the standard Windows types of drivers such as wave mapper and MME functions whereas others utilize the ASIO drivers, which may not be cross compatible with the software (which Audition 1.5 will not deal with). I had similar problems utilizing 2 different USB and onboard audio devices within Audition, even with the Windows wave drivers. This ain't analog anymore you know. Generally, you want to play out of the same device you are recording with since many functions are interrelated when recording and overdubs are being performed. What you are describing is an analogy to recording on one multitrack analog machine of 2 inch 24 track format and wondering why it doesn't play properly on another 2 inch 16 track machine. Because it can't. It won't. Don't try it. Change your methods is what I recommend.

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