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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by rc86mike, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Hello all. I currently have a Digidesign 002 with a G5 iMac running Pro Tools LE. I'm recording an artist this week that is requesting to use their SR-16 drum machine. I'm not familar with the particular machine (despite it being around forever). Am I just able to hook it's stereo outs into my Digi 002, create a stereo track in Pro Tools and record it? I'm assuming it's this easy but I would hate to start the session and an unforseen problem arises. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I don't use a Digi 002, are there MIDI outs on it? If so, can you set up Pro Tools to MIDI sync to tempo? I've used Sonar 4 to set the tempo, then send out a MIDI signal to the SR-16 and then record its stereo outs on two separate tracks. It's not too hard, but I'm unfamiliar with ProTools (I'm not a big fan.)

    The MIDI Sync helps because you know the tempo is consistant with any other samples or loops or MIDI you might add later.
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    Yes the 002 does have MIDI In and Out on it. Would that better to use with the SR-16 rather than using two plain old line in's? Like I said, I've never used the machine before. Although I am still curious as to whether or not it would work using two line in's and a pair of mono tracks or a stereo track...
  4. Ok, well if it were me, I would sync the SR-16 to play via MIDI after an 8 click lead-in. I would have the L and R outs of the SR-16 into the 002 and record two separate mono tracks. The SR-16 sounds better as two panned mono tracks. I would only use MIDI for syncing purposes.

    There are a couple options though. You could get a sequencer and record the MIDI notes from the MIDI output of the SR-16 and then use any synth drums you want on your computer to play back the MIDI notes, or play the MIDI output from the 002 into any other drum module, then record those mono line outputs.


    You could just hit record and play the SR-16 into two mono tracks.

    The first option just allows you to add more samples later into perfect synchronization.[/i]
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    Ah beautiful! That's exactly what I needed to know for my session. So I have all the options I need:

    1. Just do two plain old line in's into the 002 and hit record on two mono tracks (thanks for the hint about using two mono tracks rather than a stereo)

    2. Sync it via MIDI and use Reason or another sequencer of the like and use it as a controller (basically).

    That's great, it's really upto my artist now, I'm just happy I can do it either way. Thanks for the help, I do believe this problem is solved unless I stated something incorrect above!
  6. iznogood

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    Feb 9, 2004
    "2. Sync it via MIDI and use Reason or another sequencer of the like and use it as a controller (basically). "

    or.... 3. use protools as it has fully fuctioning midi....
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    Jun 23, 2003
    Unless you're completely full up, why not take 2 mono AND MIDI.

    I could be mistaken, but they shouldn't be mutually exclusive. You get the sync and then have the ability to edit later and add additional drum hits quite easily by using MIDI out and triggering another sample or ????

    Maybe I'm reading the replies wrong, and I know you'll likely have some latency when monitoring so adjust accordingly, but that's how I would want to work. More options later especially with MIDI sounds.

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