All about room mic placement?


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Oct 28, 2005
Maribor, Slovenia
Seriously, I've seen countless articles on proper drum micing and different techniques, but I feel room mic placement just gets a brief mention most of the time.

I'm lost. I have yet to record a decent room mic track. Most of the time it has an ugly sound (like a gated reverb) or full of cymbals and no punch (needing to EQ to compensate, but it's still far from ideal).

So my question is, post some of your techniques, and go-to methods. What works for you? Of course this depends on your room, but it might give a good starting point.

Are you placing the mics in front of the drums? In back? 6 feet? 20 feet? Different room? Spaced pair, X-Y or ORTF? Bright mics? Dull mics? Ribbon? Condenser or dynamic? What helps you decide where to position them? What are you looking/aiming for?

What makes a good (drum) room sound track for YOU?



Lately I'm using a spaced cardioid condenser pair. Facing away from the drums where it sounds good to me in the room.
I look for the room's signature sound. What I like about the room's sound that I can use.


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Dec 10, 2001
Pacific NW
Its all about listening in the room, or the hallway, or an adjacent room with the door ajar a certain amount. Theres ALWAYS that spot that sounds, in a peculiar way, as good as standing right in front of the kit but theres that added 'size' to it due to the time frame, reflections, different materials around the area.....etc.

THATS where you put the mic.

Your ears are much better at picking up sound than a mic for the most part.

Listen to what they tell you. Then learn mixing techniques that allow you to use and expand on this particular tracks' uniqueness.