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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Arrowfan, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Greets all,

    Kind of a tubular question here. I have my own thoughts on this but want to hear what others think.

    Would a hi-fi tube preamp and set of tube power amps be good for driving studio monitors and delivering a flat accurate sound?

    My understanding is that in general tube amps do not make for great monitoring since they can color the sound (albeit a nice color) ....

    However... Much *hi-end* tube gear is known for its ability to give transparent, even un-colored, audio.

    I'm in the position to buy a rather unique tube monster...

    It comes with a tube preamp (with something like 8 tubes), all top quality. 2 or 3 power transformers. Closest comparison would be the Manely Neo-Classic SE/PP

    and 2 mono-block tube power-amps, similar to the Manely MAHI

    only this one has vintage KT66 tubes!! (new vintage, bought new in 1950/60s but not used until recently in this amp). And it has 3 transformers per mono-block. Each mono-block weighs about 40 kilos!

    Its basically a super hi-fi audio system for audiophiles. Truly a tube monster (and expensive). Sure it sounds wicked, but...

    Would this thing give useful results for studio monitoring or even mastering??

    Ignore speaker type for now, just talking power amps here. Also assume its built using only the best components and craftsmanship at every stage.

    Doesn't solid state color sound too, just in a solid state way? Of course it does!~

    But I think its safe to assume that solid state is what 99% of people will be using to drive their speaker system at home. Which is why I'm asking...

    Can a super high end tube preamp/power amp system give transparent sound with, say, Yamaha NS-10's? Or any speaker?

    More accurate and flat than a high end solid state pre/power amp system?
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    Jul 18, 2004
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    A high quality tube power amp (certainly nothing wrong with the Manley units) would probably do you fine.

    I think they're a little beyond NS-10's though... Almost seems like a waste.

    And make sure your HVAC can handle it - Even a solid-state Class A is like a plate warmer. My old Bryston 2B-LP kicked out 1,400 BTU's. I would imagine you could double or triple that with an all-tube unit.
  3. iznogood

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    Feb 9, 2004
    i would say that you should test for translation.... some tube-amps are severely colored especially when playing loud...

    i feel more secure monitoring solid state..... but it's hard to generalize... my dac has tubes and sounds second to none....

    tubes can be suprisingly neutral when built well.... audio note comes to mind..... a bit expensive though.....
  4. Sanity Inn

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    off topic

    I'd try to get balanced ins/ out added to the unit and see how they work as mic pres :))

    well thas's me anyway ...

  5. iznogood

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    Feb 9, 2004
    i'm not sure that would work.....

    typically mic pre's have about 60dB's of gain....

    a hifi-pre has 20dB's at the most....

    arrowfan.... what is it you have???

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