Allen & Heath GS3 16:8:2 Mixer - Preamps Quality?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by IainDearg, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. IainDearg

    IainDearg Guest


    First post. I hope I can contribute a bit as time goes by as well as picking brains here!

    Does anyone have a view on the quality of this mixer's preamps? It's about 10 years old and no longer manufactured. I got a view over at that Allen & Heath mixers are generally well regarded but nothing specific on the preamps.

    I'll be putting a couple of Neumann KM 184's through it into an RME Multiface. Just want to know if the desk will be a weak link.

    Thanks for any pearls of wisdom!
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    77 Sunset Lane.
    Well, the pres are ok but not the best. They should do fine for you. It's hard to expect the performance ot a high quality mic pre from a console that costs less then one or two channels of Neve, Trident, API or boutique / clone / knock off type pres.

    The Allen Heaths are generally regarded as being a step up from the Macke / Behringer types but still not as good as a large format board like a SSL / MCI / Neve / Trident etc ... There aren't really any offerings in the desktop type consoles that provide the performance of a large format desk. This is one reason why many home recordists are turning to DAWs and mixing "in the box".
  3. Blenn

    Blenn Guest

    I'd personally slightly disagree with a little (regarding a step up over the mackies.) The Eq is better no question but the preamps on the VLZpro series (XDR) are, IMHO, better than the A+H series stuff (mixwizard).

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    77 Sunset Lane.
    I said "generally regarded as being a step up from the Macke / Behringer types" ....

    Personally myself, I never use these types of pres for anything, unless I have no choice ...

    We have members here at RO who seem to think the Mackie VLZ "pro" pres in the Mackies are worse than the ones in the earlier version, Mackie VLZ ("not pro"???) ..... so it only goes to show it's a case of different strokes (or, it's all very subjective).
  5. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    I own a A&H GS3. The pre's were better than any Mackie I have heard but not much. The EQ is great. I generally used it for Toms and not much else anymore. The GS3 is not Mix Wizard level its more like the GL3000. The mic amps are dual transistor followed by a 5534 for line amp.

    Its a fun board that has tremendous flexibility. The only real problem I have is the grounding is not really adequate and the board will buzz if the gain is pushed much.

    The problem I see with your setup are the KM184s. Surely for the money you can get something that sounds better and is more versatile than those mics! I have a pair for a year and I just could not find an instrument they would sound good on.

    Thats My Opinion.

  6. IainDearg

    IainDearg Guest

    Interesting, Steve. Any recommendations in that price bracket?
  7. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    A Pair of DPA's would be a far more usefull mic setup. The KM184's I owned were spitty and almost had a sizzle to the high frequencies. Absoultely useless for recording with any kind of intamacy or subtlety in my opinion. Maybe OK for recording crash cymbals for a marching band or something.

    Maybe something like this:
    (dead link removed)

  8. IainDearg

    IainDearg Guest

    Actually these DPAs look like serious mics - maybe a bit out of my reach. I'd forgotten about Earthworks TC30K - omni and mathched pair.
  9. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Mmmmmm? Km184 sounds "spitty"?
    I use them quite often and don't find that characteristic at all.
    Now compared to B&K's or Earthworks, maybe slightly high-endy.

    I think each mic reacts quite differently to it's preamp. I usually use a Millennia or Earthworks pre for the Km184's when I'm using then as overheads. Maybe thats why they aren't spitty to me.

    My .02

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