Allen & Heath GS3 Console. Good?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by overlookfran, May 6, 2005.

  1. overlookfran

    overlookfran Guest

    Have a local deal possibly in the works. anyone have any experience with these? sound? pros/cons?

    many thanks as usual!
  2. locust

    locust Guest

    I own the 6 channel version and I have used it in a project studio for the last couple of years. I've used it together with a daw (in sort of "tape recorder mode") with 16 ins/outs and I really like it.

    The eq is definitely better than Behringer or Mackie, the pres are good, I've never compared it to anything really fancy, though. The aux routing is a little weird with one stereo monitor send and two effect sends per knob. Check it out, I can't explain it just a few words. The listening section is good with a main control room out and an alternative out for multiple listening. There is also a cute soon-to-be anacronism, alignment tones, if you're using a tape recorder, they might be very handy.

    I've read about people having problems with the power supply but I've never experienced any. The only limit I've ever felt with this board is not having more pre-fader monitor sends.

    I paid 8000 Swedish Kronor (appr. £600, $1100) four years ago and I definitely think it was worth it. I'd probably be cheaper today here in Sweden.

    Good luck,
    /Henrik, Luleå, Sweden
  3. fabpab

    fabpab Guest

    I have the 24 channel GS3 and love it..
    i agree with the comment on the EQ its quite smooth...
    looks very profestional..
    i have had a prblem with the power supply.. however it was dropped... so i guess that the reason why!!

    the pre's are nice. i like them.. but i rekon a few bits of outboard gear wouldnt go a miss...

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