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    Allen & Heath will introduce a brand new product to its range at PLASA, the ICE-16, a 16 In/16 Out audio interface allowing performers and audio engineers to easily capture high quality multi-track recordings direct to a USB drive or interface to a computer.

    Fitted into a compact 1U rack design, ICE-16 is capable of studio quality interfacing, converting and bi-directional streaming of 16 channels over high-speed USB or FireWire at 24 bit, 96kHz resolution. Alternatively, 16 channels can be simultaneously recorded straight to a USB hard drive or memory stick at up to 24bit 48kHz resolution .wav file. The ICE-16 is expandable, so you can link units together and synchronize recording of many channels.

    ICE-16 connects to any audio mixer or analog source using ¼” jacks for the inputs and RCA phono connectors for the outputs. Signal and peak metering is provided for each channel and can be switched to show input or output. Headphone monitoring is also included and switches on each channel enable checking of individual or multiple channels. ASIO drivers and Core Audio compliance ensure full compatibility with all the main DAWs, including Logic, Sonar, Cubase and Pro Tools.

    “I like making things simple and the ICE-16 makes life easy in many ways. Recording multitrack at a live show no longer requires booting up a laptop and configuring a session - just plug in, turn on and press record. ICE-16 is also ideal for connecting audio to your DAW in the studio, or for expanding your existing system to add channels,” comments R&D designer, Mike Griffin.
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    That would be nice to see and try with AES or MADI.
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    ya, not much room for that though.
    I think this is a promising indication to a lot of companies entering the converter/interface world.
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    cirrus / burr brown converter chip sets. is that good?
    looks cool to me but you would still need a DAW to edit / process. at a grand street, the converters would have to be pretty good for me to be interested.

    The unbalanced in /outs are less of an issue for me than the 0 dB nominal level. What ever happened to +4?
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    It seems that A+H designed this device to connect to a mixer's unbalanced direct outputs or insert jacks, which are usually at -2dBu nominal (one half of +4dBu balanced). It's an interesting box, doing much of what an RME UFX can do for stand-alone recording but at around half the price (in the UK!).

    This is copied from GS, written by "Mike" at A+H:
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