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    Allusions of Lynch is an acoustic rock / indie rock side-project of Stemfade vocalist and guitarist Alexey ‘Lynch’ Bobylev born on May, 27, 1986 in Russia. There’s no special story about its title except that his songs often describe real things which are mostly made-up. Although, with all their abstract nature, these songs always reach for the depth of a heart, and can never seem senseless.

    Alex is mostly influenced by Nirvana, Staind, Deftones, Team Sleep, Sigur Rys, and City and Colour.

    At present, Lynch has released 2 demo albums “The Things I Say” (2005) and “Demos 2005-2007” (2008) as well as a full-length album The Go (2009) which are all Web releases only. At the moment, he’s getting prepared with his live set. Check out tour dates soon.

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    This borders on spam. At least introduce yourself before you go into your pitch.

    First impression. I hate the sound of that guitar. That's just my opinion but it sounds like you plugged it in and that was that. The playing is nice once the solo comes in. A complimentary harmony would be nice. Again, it's just my opinion. Add salt to taste.

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