Alright guys... Dr. 880? what do you think?

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  1. hey, I've been looking at the Yamaha Dr 880 by Boss... I played around with one at the local music shop and here are the parameters of usages hehe... mostly writing music with the grooves supplied by this unit along with tracking the original work to a DAW... I will also want to use this unit live with the same music... mostly acoustic style rock, layed back jazz and a tiny bit of "Tommy Emanuel" style acoustic picking w/ my vocals... ohk so here's the question, (and please tell me how you think this unit would match up with each one of these applications... yet since this is a recording board - feel free to just comment on the recording aspect of this unit) thank you all in advance!!! :cool:
  2. has anybody ever used the this Boss drum machine??
  3. trock

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    Aug 20, 2004
    I have the DR-880 and love it so far. it is really easy to use, the manual actually made sense to me and i am starting on full songs now. i practiced with pattern writing first.

    the sounds are GREAT

    the FILLS are great

    ghost notes, ambience added, MIDI, building kits, velocity control, etc

    bottom line

    it is easy to use, and sounds really really good. the best i have ever heard


    wish there were more outs, i would like to run at least 6 outs as ind tracks per drum etc

    right now unless i use MIDI i can run 4 total out 1/4 inch jacks

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