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Dec 4, 2002
hello everybody,

as i can see there are some great names and a lot of experience here, and people used to very powerful gear.

reading this topic i'd like to give a small contribute, from the point of view of a daw musician, but if aural level is an issue for the great studios, little "all in daw" producers breath this problem almost at every stage....

first of all i'd like to say that my impression on the loudness sensation of a mix is that the presence of innaturally boosted frequencies comparing to the others has the same effect on perception than a very strong light point in a darker background, there is a general loss of detail and effectiveness, maybe electrical signal sum is higher, but the perceptional impression is much lower.

the great effect of analog tape saturation that so much is desired and reproduced as digital process is due to the fact that the compression of
the sound components is driven by themselves...discrete digital action of filtering is something pre-formed and so innatural.

in daw work i try to act on single tracks more than the overall mix.
i developed a vst plugin for pc (so many of you will not be able to try it, i know..;-) )that i just give for free (i'm a composer and practice sound design and modular patching for myself), that uses fundamentally envelope following trigger of inverse phase to give warmth and impressive gain within the same db peaks,with the same signal-wise reactivity on frequencies as tape, to use on those tracks that most suffer from the mix (drums, voices, guitars) and that cannot be rised in level, otherwise they mess all the unity of the mix.

it is in the plug-in forum of r.o....

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working on these aspects of a mix, and avoiding as possible an overall level maximization can help a lot in keeping things clear but very punchy...

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Jun 29, 2001
Most of what I do here has RMS levels around -18 dB and I will have 10 to 20 peaks close to 0 and hundreds around -1

I look at the mix in terms of how it is and what it has. Often times in mastering I actually boost dynmaic range with a multiband digital eq. rules but if I get a mix here that runs RMS of -3db, I have to basically reconstruct it and the clients seem happy with the final.


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Oct 24, 2002
so earlier you stated that you like to recieve mixes at -3 db thats just the peaks right? rms is the average level right?i'm a little unclear because the meters that i have don't really have rms. mostly peak clips and the like.if you just have a daw how would try to meter acuratley?

chris perra


this is a little off the fray and discussion guys but can i ask chrisperra a question about the uad 1 and its power and sound for mixing? if you want you can email me at my address.....danke