Alta Moda Audio releases the AM-30 Preamp module

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    Jun 19, 2009
    The Alta Moda AM-30 is a fully discrete, class A transformer-less design unlike any other preamp on the market. Clean at lower settings, the AM-30 can be pushed and smoothly over-driven where other preamps would harshly clip. The AM-30’s high headroom and DI input make it ideal to warm up previously recorded tracks or loops.

    Alta Moda makes the highly acclaimed Unicomp all-discrete stereo compressor/limiter as well as a line of quality, high-performance modules for 500-series compatible rack enclosures. A complete list of Alta Moda Audio dealers can be found at Alta Moda Audio

    Made in the USA, the AM-30 has a MSRP of $499 USD. SPECIAL INTRO PRICING AVAILABLE! Please contact or your favorite Alta Moda Dealer!: Alta Moda Audio

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