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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by marsvolta, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. marsvolta

    marsvolta Guest

    Hi !

    I've got the impression from several of you pro guys that Reason is a stupid toy and worthless... I know that the samples aren't superior, and I wan't something better... so which application would I like to try instead of Propellerheads solution ?
    I've got the built-in samples of Apple's Logic Express 7 working, and I think they sound pretty awsome.. (Also the programming is pretty cool... like Reason in a way...) - but is this what I want to do ?(Using Logic for computergenerated audio....) What do the pros use for electronic audio production?

    Thanks y'all in advance...
  2. swanmusic

    swanmusic Guest

    Reason is neither stupid nor worthless. It's the best software for producing music. If you don't like the samples that come with it, don't use them. Get other sampling CDs and load them in Reason (as you would in any other program). Reason 3 let's you browse thru the samples very quickly and start using them in your productions. (I would buy it for just that). Personally I love the Dr.REX module, it gives you so much freedom to work with the sampled loops. You can change the tempo and the do the usual stuff. You can copy those loops to Reason sequencer and change the loops entirely. Also, check the curve CV output of it and what you can do with it. It's awesome!! Redrum drum module is great. If you learn to use it, you won't need any hardware drum tools like Akai MPCs. Experiment with the routings (CV and Gate) and you can be endlessly creative. I can not say much about the effects. They are simply wonderful. Check the demo videos on the propellerhead's site. Haven't you heard the demo songs that came with Reason 2.5? Don't you think they sound professional?

    Reason is used by professionals a lot! It's not a host software like Cubase or Protools and it can't record audio but it's extremely good for producing music. I use it with Cubase SX 3.0.
  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Never heard anyone say that about Reason...Fruity Loops..yes, but not reason.

    Reason 3.0 is out and is even better with a mastering device, a new killer reverb with triggering abilities and much much more.

    One cool thing about reason is that you can run it in stand alone mode or rewire mode. Say you have Cubase, Nuendo or Pro can launch these applications then launch Reason and have the audio output of reason go through the host application! So you can record audio and have reason at the same time!

    I know several pro's using it this way and it's got to be one of the best combinations you can have these days! It's almost like saying goodbye to external synths!(note I say "almost!")

    There are tons of refils(new sounds) that you can purchase to add to the sound library or you can create your own with the refil packer!

    Like Swanmusic said, the Dr Rex is very cool. If you have Recycle you can make your own Rex files as well out of any loop or sound!

    Opus :D
  4. marsvolta

    marsvolta Guest

    I maybe left the impression that I don't know anything 'bout Reason... Well, that's actually what I know about... I use Reason with rewire together with Logic everyday, and it's working brilliant!
    What I didn't knew, was what the pros used, but I guess I'm using what the most of them do....
    Nice to know that what I'm busying myself about is something that actually can produce something real... if you know what I'm saying... ?

    Thanks y'all, been a great help!
  5. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2005
    South Florida
    Home Page:
    I like Reason. I don't use it but it is pretty cool and a great tool.

    However I do think that it suffers from the same problems as many synths/drum machines have. That is that many it's users don't know how to use it to it's full potential. They dial in a few presets and think they have a song.

    If you remember when the Roland D-50 came out, you'll know what I'm talking about. IT had some cool and very unique presets...and EVERYONE used them. TO DEATH.

    The same thing has happened with Reason. When any Tom, Dick and Harry can dial up a couple sounds and beats and "write a song", the tool used tends to get labled as a "Less than pro" device.

    If users spend time with Reason and really create with it, it can be a great thing.

    That said, I don't know of any other program that does what Reason does. The only alternative would be to build something similar out of individual VSTi's. Stick with Reason but make whatever you do your own.
  6. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    reason is a great tool....

    but pro's use more than one tool.... and if your base is logic you can put anything into it..... reason.... sampletank.... sofsynths... etc....

    i would recommend the native instrument stuff..... expensive but great....
  7. swanmusic

    swanmusic Guest

    Reason is not just a plug-in. It's a complete program on it's own. A lot of professionals use it on it's own. None of the professionals use the stock samples or even if they do, they use them after tweaking. That's the key in the music business right now. You can't use any of the stock sounds, be it of a Keyboard, drum machine or sampled cds. You have to tweak them a bit.

    Native instruments' stuff is good. I have Kontakt, Intakt which I have used in the past a lot and I still use but you can't compare that with Reason. Their stuff is more like plug-ins and it's expensive, compared to Reason it's way overpriced and I still like Reason better. In Reason, you have 3 samplers. NN-XT, NN-19 and Dr.REX and you can use the samples in a variety of ways. Don't get fooled by the price tag. Reason is extremely under priced in my opinion. It's like the SM57 mic which is awesome but still cheap.

    The best way to learn Reason is by watching the video tutorials. They are good. Also, one book which inspired me the most for using Reason is "User's guide to Propellerhead's Reason 2" by Debbie Poyser, Derek Johnson. Even if you use Reason 2.5 or 3, you should read this book. It's great. It has some excellent mixing tips as well.
  8. marsvolta

    marsvolta Guest

    Thank you all for your replies! Really helpful!
  9. axel

    axel Guest

    reason is a toy. period. and why the hell would you like to use it if you run logic, anyway???

    in my opinion, reason is only good for beginners who have absolut no clue about how a studio works, you can learn it with reason and as soon as you know, stick it into the nearest trash bin, and get a studio.
  10. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001

    Opus :D
  11. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    You probably already have it. Garage Band2 is like Reason on Steroids to me. The builtin synths are simplified versions of the ones contained in Logic Pro, and are also availble in Logic Pro, and Logic Express.

    But to really make it sing you must feed it something other than the stock Apple Loops.

    I use GB2 for fast prototyping tracks for video and DVD projects, then I load the GB song into Logic for live recording and mixing. Works well as a duo for me.

  12. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    not a toy
    just as valid as any other soft synth running of the back of a DAW like ProTools.
    ... andyou might want to use simply because you are rebuilding a show that originally used Reason
    because your direct competitor is using it and the clients and or public are used to hearing those sounds.

    The JV1080 might have been a $*^t synth but it sold like hot cakes and dominated the TV jingle market during that period of time.
    ... and it is still a very useful tool today.

    Reason will also remain a useful tool for as long as it loads into the operating system and continues to work with your DAW software.
  13. axel

    axel Guest

    kev wrote:

    in my eyes it seriously remains a toy and is only good as mentioned for learning a real studio enviroment, however this is my opinion and there is nothing about reason which makes it in any way special, yes a DAW can be better / improved with apps running in the back like soft synths, but there is everything in higher quality then reason provides outthere, and some is even free like the CRYSTAL synth for PC / MAC as VST or AU, extreme good sound, one of the best synths i know of!!! extreme sound shape ability which outweights by far! any of the reason sounds and synths... it's FREE so why splashing money out on kids toys??? or most free dynamics are as good as the reason crap! or better like fishfillets... the sequencer is super weak... comparing to cubase, sequia, logic and so on... few, ok... it remains just a cheap (eh, actually expensive!) all in one push some buttons randomly getting a result beginners solution, or for people without creativity pros or not pros...
  14. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    The client asks for Re-Birth (not so often anymore)
    The client asks for Reason
    The client asks for Logic

    if the client asks for CRYSTAL ... and is compatible with your DAW and doesn't cause crashes ... then trial it and use it.
    the Patch Bank Browser looks great
    the Master Limiter is a cool idea for the reasons given ... why don't other do that ?
    reading through the features I see some greast ideas ... like muting delays while not in use ... very sensible stuff.

    I happen to like Virus(Hardware and TDM) and the Waldorf Micro-Q and the A-Station ... and of coures the old faithful JV1080 (a pair off with most of the cards available)

    Soft Synths can be frustrating ... here one minute ... gone the next.
    not good for your old songs and archives.
    Vibra, Stella, gone and NI have also had synths vanish from the line up.

    Even Rebirth as I mentioned above, probably doesn't live in the newer OS's.
  15. swanmusic

    swanmusic Guest

    Reason is absolutely not a toy but I'm not going to sit here and justify or defend. People who know how to use it, know how advantageous it really is. For musicians it's a great tool, for engineers, I don't know.
  16. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    One program i look forward to learn after i am a kung fu master in Reason (2.5) is Reaktor 5 core. i saw a workshop on this bad boy and man it blew me away... its more big league in my opinion. dont waste your time getting a demonstration in it just buy it. well maybe you should get a demo on it.. =}
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