alto headphone amp

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jhagertybhs, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. jhagertybhs

    jhagertybhs Guest

    Anyone know anything about this? I understand its a division of ART. Looking for an inexpensive 4 channel headphone amp and saw this on ebay. Thanks.
  2. Treena Foster

    Treena Foster Active Member

    Jul 4, 2003
    Alto HPA4 Headphone Amplifier


    Audio Input

    * Main input Connectors: X R and 1/4" jack
    * Type: HF filtered, servo balanced input
    * Impedance: 40 kOhms balanced, 20 kOhms unbalanced
    * Max.input level: +21 dBu balanced and unbalanced
    * CMRR: typ.40 dB, >55 dB @ 1kHz
    * Aux In and Direct In input Connectors: 1/4" TRS (tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=ground)
    * Type: unbalanced
    * Impedance: >15 kOhms unbalanced
    * Max.input level: +21 dBu unbalanced
    * CMRR: typ,40 dB, >55 dB @ 1 kHz

    Audio Output

    * Connectors: XLR and 1/4" jack
    * Type: balanced /unbalanced
    * Impedance: dependent on the input impedance
    * Max. output level: +21 dBu balanced and unbalanced

    System Specifications

    * Frequency response: 10 z to 50kHz,+/-3dB
    * Noise: >90dB, unweighted, 22 Hz to 22kHz (>95dB @ +4dBu)
    * THD: 0.005% typ.@+4 dBu, 1kHz, Gain 1

    Power Amplifier

    * Max.output power: +21dBm
    * Min.output impedance: 100Ohms

    Function Controls

    * Input level: variable
    * Balanced per channel: mix between aux and main signal
    * Output level per channel: variable
    * Treble: +15/-15
    * Bass: +15/-15

    Function Switches

    * Left mute: mutes the left signal of the respective channel
    * Right mute: mutes the right signal of the respective channel
    * Mode: switches channel to mono


    * Input level: 8-digit LED display: -18/-12/-6/0/+6/+12/ +18dBu/CLIP
    * Output level: 8-digit LED display: -18/-12/-6/0/+6/+12/ +18dBu/CLIP


    * Dimension: 483(W)x217(D)x44(H)mm(19" 8.54" 1.7")
    * Net weight: 2.9kg(6.39lb)

  3. boy44

    boy44 Guest

    I have the 6 channel version. Got it on ebay for about 100 bucks, and it's been fine for my tracking purposes. In this price range, it was pretty much either alto or behringer, and since the alto had two more channels for the same price and was not made by behringer, i decided to go with it and have been happy so far.
  4. Thomas_Fodor

    Thomas_Fodor Guest

    Be thankfull you made the right descision. The Alto is a lot quieter and is a little better built. Besides, people see the big "B" brand in your studio and run.......I would. The Alto is budget gear but you are not incorperating it into your signal chain so it's ok.
  5. vishnu

    vishnu Guest

    what output from pa do you plug into the headphone amp


    samson /behringer/alto

    which one
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