Alto L-16 to M-Audio Delta 1010LT... how to?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by therealtimmy, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. therealtimmy

    therealtimmy Guest

    i just purchased a haul of equipment:
    - Alto L-16 mixer
    - M-Audio Delta 1010LT
    - KRK RP-5 Studio monitors
    - a couple of shure sm57's
    - a heap of cable

    now i had done a bit of research into what i wanted in a mixer, etc.. before obtaining this stuff.. (i read a fair bit from this site ) but yea ive gotten it all home and i cant work out how the hell to get it all working.. i cant find any tutorials on the net. what i do find is jibbrish. i want all my 8 inputs going into the card and yea having it all run back to the mixer.. if that makes sense. i dunno im just after the best setup for the equipment i have...

    any assistance would be hugely appreciated. its just frustrating not being able to find information.

    thanks guys.
  2. Who did you buy it from? That seems to be a fairly large bulk of gear - asking for a little help setting it up is definitely not too much to ask.
  3. therealtimmy

    therealtimmy Guest

    yea that is true. i do have the guys email so i might give him a buzz. i kinda wanted to be adventurous and accomplish it on my own.. well with the aid of the internet of course :wink:

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